Beautiful Landscape: Creating A Stunning Hillside Landscape

If you are one of those fortunate people who have a house on a hill, you can enhance the beauty of your home by creating a beautiful landscape. Creating a beautiful landscape can be quite challenging, but if you are very creative and you are prepared to focus your energy into making your home look more beautiful, you will be able to make a yard that will be the envy of others. But, before you can hope to create a beautiful landscape, you need to learn the basics about landscaping. Knowing what to do is very important to save time, effort and money.

Getting Started

If you do not have any formal training in gardening and landscaping, it will probably take time for you to be really good at hillside landscaping. Contrary to what you might have seen on TV about gardening and landscaping, these tasks are not easy to perform. Since you live on a hill, the task of landscaping is even made more challenging.

Note that hills are prone to soil erosion and it can hardly hold water. These conditions often make it doubly challenging to grow plants and maintain them later on. However, the good news is that since hills as natural landforms are good showcases for landscapes, your efforts of setting up a beautiful landscape will not go to waste.

How do start your hillside landscape project? The best way to start is to go with the natural terrain of the hill. According to experts, land that is naturally formed should not be disturbed. This means that you don’t want to destroy the natural beauty of your place, do not hack into the hill or level the land when you want to plant something. A hacked up hill is not good to see.

Instead, create mall terraces on the slopes of the hill and cover these terraces with plants. The small terraces should provide enough space for the plants to grow. Yes, creating those plant terraces will take a lot of time, but once you have established your terraces, it will be easier for you to grow and maintain your plants.

If you do not have the energy to create those terraces, you can still create a beautiful landscape by setting up a rock garden on the slope of the hill. Using rocks to hold the soil is very cost efficient. The weight of the rocks are usually enough to hold them in place so you need not spend so much money on strengthening the foundations of your hillside garden.

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